jour·ney bundles


jour·ney: /ˈjərnē/

1.    an act of traveling from one place to another.

Life leads us on many journeys we would never venture into if it were up to us. And yet, the lessons we find in within.

Beginnings and Endings,
Love and Forgiveness,
Triumphs and Revelations...

...are where wisdom is built. As you venture into your next journey, may your innermost truth surface. May you embrace the lessons and evolve.

mo∙lit presents jour∙ney bundles as a part of our e∙volve collection. Each bundle is specially curated with the vibe and reflection to support a growth journey.

Each bundle contains one 20oz candle and two 9oz candles at $134, a $148 value.

*candle sizes and vibes in our jour∙ney bundles cannot be substituted.