Founder's Story

mo.lit is the bridge back to my highest vibration. While I've embraced many roles in my lifetime--educator, organizational leader, and entrepreneur--my most authentic role is as a creator. As a child playing in the world, my deepest joy stemmed from discovering the value of ordinary things. From paper scraps to broken zippers to empty bottles, I always saw the potential for these "treasures", as my mother named them, to have a second-life beyond what most expected. 

Creators are those who place an intention onto time, space and energy to build an unexpected truth. As humans, our ability to create is our greatest power. 

mo.lit is my aspiration that we all know our power to bring intention and be creators in all parts of our lives. That we can ritualize our coming back to self through light and good energy vibrations. Enjoy!

With gratitude & peace, 

M. Russell

mo.lit Founder & CEO